Carrick House Fareham

Welcome to Carrick House

Carrick House was built in the early 1700’s and is a Grade II listed property located in a conservation area. We brought the property in May 2009 when it was a run down B&B and in need of a complete make over. It needed totally re-wiring and there was only heating on the ground floor so we needed to get a whole new heating system installed. The floors in some of the rooms where bowed and were bouncier than a trampoline!! Wood beetle had decided to eat away at the old wood in various rooms – luckily we saw this before we moved in and got it treated beforehand. There was a lovely big crack up the hallway wall which we were informed after a survey was historical and wasn’t going anywhere so all we had to do was patch it up and monitor it. We knew about all this before we brought the property and having got the property at such a good price we were ready for the journey ahead.

Once we had moved into the property we found a few hidden problems – The roof was not water tight and had been leaking for years causing damp in the walls. Some of the doors and stud walls were covered in asbestos which we had to get removed ASAP. Then one evening while having a shower I noticed the water not draining and checked out of the window where the drains were to find 6 inches of water backed up and not going down!

At this point I got an email from an internet site reminding me of their site – ! We had previously joked about how cool it would be to have the transformation of the house filmed and thats exactly what we did. There was an advert looking for people with homes that had major problems so of course I had to apply. Within a couple of days they were on the phone and came to look at the extent of our problems – they immediately wanted to use us and you can see how it went on “HELP OUR HOUSE IS FALLING DOWN” on Tuesday 21st September at 8pm on Channel 4!